Frances Amelia (Fanny) Fisher

F, b. 1836, d. 1880
FatherHenry Fisher b. 1815, d. 1888
MotherAmelia Breillat b. 1836, d. May 1865
     Frances Amelia (Fanny) Fisher was born in 1836. She died in 1880.

Wilfrid Tatham

M, b. circa 1900, d. circa 1975
     Wilfrid Tatham was born circa 1900. He married Rachel Ellen Julia Balfour, daughter of Maxwell (Max) Balfour and Nina Joachim, circa 1930. Wilfrid Tatham was a competitor in both the 1924 and 1928 Olympic Games and house-master at Eton. He served with the Coldstream Guards in both World Wars and was awarded the MC for his part in the battle of the Canal du Nord in 1918. In 1942 he was wounded and taken prisoner, escaped to Italy, was recaptured and taken to Germany. He later worked for the British Council in Athens and Brussels. After retirement, he and Rachel lived in St Helena, where Wilfrid died circa 1975.


Rachel Ellen Julia Balfour b. 1907, d. c 1985

Admiral John Henry Rushworth Jellicoe 1st Earl Jellicoe

M, b. 5 December 1859, d. 20 November 1935
Admiral Sir John Jellicoe
     Admiral John Henry Rushworth Jellicoe 1st Earl Jellicoe was born on 5 December 1859 at Southhampton. Sir John Rushworth Jellicoe joined the Royal Navy in1872 and served in the Eyptian War of 1882. In the years prior to World War I (1914-18) Jellicoe served as Director of Naval Ordnance from 1905-7, and Controller of the Navy from 1908-10. Churchill, then First Lord of the Admiralty, appointed Jellicoe second-in-command of the Grand Fleet in November 1911. Jellicoe was appointed First Sea Lord in 1916. He retired from active service in 1917. He was made Governor General of New Zealand after the war from 1920-24. He died on 20 November 1935 at age 75 and is buried in the crypt of St. Paul's Cathedral.



Gladys Pauline Watson

F, b. circa 1886, d. 1964
FatherArthur Wellesly Watson b. c 1860, d. c 1920
MotherAnna Josephine Sutton b. c 1865, d. c 1925
     Gladys Pauline Watson was born circa 1886. She married Loren Montague Cowdrey, son of Nathaniel A Cowdrey, circa 1906. Gladys Pauline Watson died in 1964.


Loren Montague Cowdrey b. 1881, d. 1945

Loren Montague Cowdrey

M, b. 1881, d. 1945
FatherNathaniel A Cowdrey b. c 1851, d. c 1914
     Loren Montague Cowdrey was born in 1881. He married Gladys Pauline Watson, daughter of Arthur Wellesly Watson and Anna Josephine Sutton, circa 1906. Loren Montague Cowdrey died in 1945.


Gladys Pauline Watson b. c 1886, d. 1964

Dr Henry Hoile

M, b. circa 1800, d. after 1840
     Dr Henry Hoile was born circa 1800. He married Margaret Ogilvy, daughter of David Ogilvy of Parkconon and Anne Fitchet, circa 1829. Dr Henry Hoile died after 1840.


Margaret Ogilvy b. 30 Nov 1807

Margaret Ogilvy

F, b. 30 November 1807
FatherDavid Ogilvy of Parkconon b. 18 Aug 1767, d. 1 Dec 1828
MotherAnne Fitchet b. 1787, d. 13 Mar 1850
     Margaret Ogilvy was born on 30 November 1807. She married Dr Henry Hoile circa 1829. As of circa 1830,her married name was Hoile.


Dr Henry Hoile b. c 1800, d. a 1840

David Ogilvy of Parkconon

M, b. 18 August 1767, d. 1 December 1828
FatherJames Ogilvy of Parkconon b. 1718, d. 28 Mar 1789
MotherAnne Skinner b. c 1720, d. 1800
     David Ogilvy of Parkconon was born on 18 August 1767. He married Anne Fitchet on 25 February 1807. David Ogilvy of Parkconon died on 1 December 1828 at age 61.


Anne Fitchet b. 1787, d. 13 Mar 1850